Showcase your activation’s success with quantifiable results

Use objective, quantifiable data to prove the success of your activation.

How do you objectively know if your activation was a success? Do you simply rely on the number of samples you gave away, have brand ambassadors manually count visitors?

These are just some of the more common methods still used today. LiveGauge provides our partners (agencies or brand direct) with a solution that is reliable, objective and plug-and-play.

You can now understand how many people saw your activation, interacted with your product/ambassadors, how long people engaged with your activation for and so much more.

Objective & Quantifiable Metrics

Now your activation marketing KPI’s can align with your overall marketing KPI’s.

Plug & Play


Deploy Sensors

Simply place the sensor within your desired space, plug it in or use the built-in battery and turn it on.


Automatic Data Collection

Sensors automatically capture all cell phone signals within your set radius and automatically uploads your data.


Access Metrics

View and access your data via our proprietary dashboard and create custom reports.

Know more about your activation visitors

Our solution allows you to understand a little more about your customers with our demographics capabilities.


Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.