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Audience Traffic

Automatic, consistent and objective. Measure the success of your live events with LiveGauge sensors.

FeatureCrowd Traffic Measurement
FeatureImpressions, Engagement, Dwell Times
FeaturePlug ’n Play measurement solution
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Lead Capture

Create unique, secure and customizable surveys with Lead Capture. Gain access to customer feedback and generate new leads.

FeatureCustomizable design
FeatureMultiple question types
FeatureBrand Compliant API CRM Integration
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Intelligent web redirection that routes your audience to the URL experience meant for them.

FeatureFilter users by location, time of scan, device info and more.
FeatureQR code generation for ease of use
FeatureInstantly generate demographics reports
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Instantly generate rich interactive demographics reports via the LiveGauge Product Suite and/or merge your own dataset.

FeatureAge, Size, Type of Household
FeatureIncome, Education & Occupation
FeatureCommute & Household Vehicles
FeatureRace, Languages Spoken
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A fully automated appointment booking system. Now your customers, clients, visitors etc can automatically schedule times for meetings and more.

FeatureSet your hours of operation
FeatureText/Email Confirmations
FeatureFull integration with SmartQR/Lead Capture
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