Measure your return at Festivals & Events

From small town events to large scale music festivals & international events, LiveGauge has your solution.

Our solutions have traveled the world to be part of some of the largest festivals and international events. Whether you are a small 3-day event or a large multi-day international event, we have the data collection solution for you.

Do you want to understand where your attendees come from, why do they come, connect your on-site partners with their e-commerce platforms or simply know how many people attend. Let us show you how you can do any or all of these things.

Verify attendance numbers

If your festival or event is open to the general public, how will you quantify the attendance. Our partners use us for this and to secure public funding.

Understanding your attendees

Where do they come from, what areas of the festival or event are the most popular…

Connecting physical events to digital/ecommerce

Now you can connect your festival/event with your e-commerce world and sell more event or partner merchandise, upsell to different ticket packages etc

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.