Intelligently redirect your audience to the experience meant for them.


Give your audience a smooth user experience with SmartQR.
SmartQR intelligently redirects and routes your audience to a catered experience meant for them based on a number of characteristics. Track and see who, when, and where users are clicking your links.

User Based Redirection

Use a single link or smart QR code for your marketing campaigns. With SmartLinks, each set of users can have a personalized experience depending on the time-of-click, their location, and demographic characteristics when they interact with the link.


How it Works


Scan QR codes

Display and distribute a single QR code or a URL link on Posters, TV Ads, Billboards, or other various mediums.


Route Traffic

Redirection service handles incoming request and redirect users to customized URLs based on SmartQR Rule Engine (Supporting Time-Frame, Geographic and Demographics based rules)


Analyze and Target your audience

View and access your data via our proprietary dashboard and create custom reports.

Real-Time Analytics

View your metrics in real-time with our robust analytics dashboard. See your user funnels, track the number of scans, and where/when and what devices your viewers are using.

Real Time Analytics

Provide richer insights about your viewers

With SmartQR, instantly access a deeper and richer insight about who your most active viewers are with Demographics. Learn more about where the scans are coming from, their age, income and more, all while protecting privacy.

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