Lead Capture

A dedicated survey solution to bring your customer experience to the next level. Interact with your customers and gain valuable feedback or leads with LiveGauge Surveys.

Lead Capture

This solution gives you the ability to easily create unique, secure and customizable surveys that are easily distributed on-site (iPads), URL-links (web) or via QR codes. Collect more and learn more about your customers/visitors.

Create customized surveys

Provides the ability to create a unique survey tailored to your project needs, with a variety of question types and ability to upload your own images.

Easy and safe to use

Surveys can be conducted on an iPad and do not require wifi/data to fill out, (only to upload the results). Additionally, surveys can be done by having consumers/patrons scan a QR and use their own device. This helps keep everyone safe and healthy.

Live Results and feedback

Learn more from your consumers with instant feedback.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.