Optimize your customer experience and better understand your customer.

Learn traffic patterns within your store, areas with highest traffic daily, weekly, monthly, and understand how many people visit multiple areas of your store.

Are you looking to optimize your customer’s experience and in turn sell more merchandise. LiveGauge can help you achieve this success.

Our solutions can be permanently installed within your retail location and used to measure individual sections/aisle areas of your store. This would allow you to see which areas have the highest traffic, where to place premium items and so much more.

Let us show you how you can improve your customer experience and drive more revenue.

Customer Count

Do you know how many customers visit your store daily, weekly, monthly or annually? Are you comparing year to year or season to season? Now you can!

Store Traffic Flow

Determine most common paths people take in your store and place premium items along this path to drive incremental sales and revenue.

How long do people spend in your location

Learn how long people shop in your store for. Track these results and compare over time to better understand their experience.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.