Improve your customer’s experience and make it special at every event.

Improve your customers' experience and make it special at every event.

Our solutions are found in various arenas and stadiums across the globe.
By understanding your patrons' in-venue experience, your team can optimize that experience and have an even stronger relationship with your attendees/fans. Our partners use us to understand traffic flow patterns, how long people spend in sponsor activations, collect quantitative feedback from patrons and so much more.

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Understand traffic flow

Learn and understand where your patrons go, most popular areas, remove bottlenecks and their causes

Product:Lead Capture

Improve your Fan Experience Ratings

By integrating our Lead Capture solution you can gather feedback from your fans about their experience and use this to improve your fan experience.

Provide Sponsors with Data

Do your sponsors activate on-site at the venue? Now you can provide them with key metrics about their activations.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.