Measure your return at Conferences & Trade Shows

From Auto-shows to Dealerships, find the right measurement tool for your entire end-to-end process.

LiveGauge has worked with countless conferences and trade shows. Our partners in this industry have used our solutions to better understand which speaker sessions are the most popular, key areas on their trade-show floor, high traffic areas for key partner/vendors and to capture feedback from attendees.

Our solutions can be used from the start of a conference right through to the collecting post-event feedback. Ask us how.

End-to-End Solutions

Our product solutions cover your entire event from start to end. Used in booking sessions/attendance to real-time traffic monitoring to post-event feedback.

Understanding Traffic Flow

Visualize and understand how your visitors move throughout your space. Access detailed heat maps, customer journey maps and conversion reports.

Vendor statistics

Which vendors on the trade show floor are the most popular, how long did people spend at each vendor etc. Our partners use this to create benchmarks for their partners.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.