Audience Traffic

Plug ’n’ Play solution for all your measurement needs in physical spaces. We take the guesswork out and provide real, objective, and consistent metrics.

Audience Traffic

LiveGauge Audience Traffic Sensors bring a new and improved method of measuring the success of your space. Traditional measurement methods, like clickers and samples given, have been inconsistent in their approach, and lack meaningful benchmarking metrics. With Audience Traffic Sensors, reliably, consistently, and objectively measure your traffic with a simple set-up and a powerful dashboard for all your metrics.

Mobile Tour? Standard Booth? Spaceship?

No Problem!

LiveGauge adapts it’s measurement approach for different kinds of situations so that no matter if your program involves a mobile tour, a fixed footprint, or some kind of multi-location experience, all will be measured.

Plug & Play


Deploy Sensors

Simply place the sensor within your desired space, plug it in or use the built-in battery and turn it on.


Automatic Data Collection

Sensors automatically capture all cell phone signals within your set radius and automatically uploads your data.


Access Metrics

View and access your data via our proprietary dashboard and create custom reports.

Post-Event Consumer Insights

Take your metrics to the next level with LiveGauge extended reporting capabilities. Understand your attendees demographic, heat map of your event, and geographic data.

Customize each activation to your specific needs

Easily define what success is for your program. Set specific KPI’s, define parameters with a few simple clicks on the dashboard. The result, our dashboard will automatically segment the data for you.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.