Location? Age? Income? Gain a deeper understanding of your audience or customers with insights on where they come from and who they are.


Do you want to learn more about your audience or customers? Demographics by LiveGauge gives you the ability to understand your customer or audience at a much deeper level. Now you have the ability to pair this powerful information with our core data sets (impressions, engagements, dwell time) to tell an even better story about your customers. For the first time you can truly have integrated data on your customers or audience.

Deep Visitor Insights

Gain access to powerful insights about your audience or customers without disrupting their experience.

Avg. IncomeHousing TypeSize of HouseholdOccupationEducationMany More!

Multiple Data Sources

Our processing engine accepts a variety of data sources for Demographics. Upload your own CSV file, use our Lead Capture or Sensors to automatically generate a demographics report.

Lite vs Full Demographics

Now every project that we measure will also have the Lite version of our demographics reporting tool. This limited version is designed to show you some of the key insights but is based on a very small sample of the data collected. For a more rich data set and results, you can upgrade any project to the Full Demographics option.

Don’t guess your campaign was a success.

Prove it objectively with LiveGauge.